Bands (General Stuff)

How to approach us: (it’s important to read all the booking info including the FAQ page before you write in):

If you are local and over 21, you can play here. If you are not from our hood, you have to come in with folks who are local. They make the approach. We make exceptions for LGBT folks.

To book, scroll down to how the different days of the week look. You choose the day of the week you like. Go by your draw so you don’t have to fork over cash for the tech. We don’t want your money, so PLEASE be REALISTIC about your draw.

*****EVENTS FORM FOR BANDS  (click here) ******* To be filled out only after you have a confirmed date.

Non Paid Gigs: 
Tuesdays, we do shows in the front room with no cover. Acoustic only! No drums! Small amps only! If you are on top of it and have some folks show up, we can discuss moving you to a paid night.
You book 2 acts (including yourself). First person plays at 7 and second person plays at 8. Show is over by 9. We have a simple PA set up with 2 mains (no monitors) and you are responsible for running your own sound. You will be provided with 2 microphones, 2 mic stands, 2 DI-boxes and the corresponding XLR cables. Bring your own instrument cables! This is a good direction if we don’t know you and/or your draw is less than 20 folks. Make sure to read our FAQ page, it applies to you too.

Email your style, lineup, web link/s, contact info and confirm you are local.
When you write in, title it ‘non paid gig’.
Email us at

Paid Gigs: you have options…

All of the following slots are for bands. You choose the bands (3 max except for Fridays which are 1 band only) and the day/slot that fits best with your draw. Choose well because if you don’t meet the required number for that particular day, you will end up owing us for the techs time ($25hr). We do not want you to pay us. We also trust your judgement to grab the right day.
You play the rear room and we provide a back door person to check stamps. We charge your folks at the front door and will stamp your folks. We will not charge people who are not here for your show.

NOTE: This should be obvious, however….Only El Rio staff are permitted to run the sound during your set. Do not show up assuming you can run your own sound or with your own sound tech. We have neighbors that live directly above us and therefore NO ONE aside from staff is permitted to touch the board or gear.

Tuesdays – Rear Room
40 min required draw
3 bands max
7pm arrival/8pm start-sharp
We do the door from the front and provide a rear room door person to check for stamps. We have various events in the front room between 7-11pm with no cover most Tuesdays. These are, of course, separate from your event.


Wednesdays – Rear Room
50 min required draw- 3 bands max
8pm arrival/9pm start-sharp.
We do the door from the front and provide a rear room door person to check for stamps.
We have karaoke in the front room from 8pm-close.

Thursdays- Rear Room
60 min required draw- 3 bands max
8p arrival/9p start-sharp
We do the door from the front and provide a rear room door person to check for stamps.
We have a free Ping Pong party in the front room and patio.

FridaysRear Room This night is for LGBTQA folks ONLY. Do not inquire unless you fit into this category.
40 min required draw – 1 band only
35 minute set from 10:15-10:50 with our DJ to follow
Show is free – write to inquire about payment:

Saturday AfternoonsYear Round. Patio Shows.
150 min draw required.
3p arrival/4-8p play time.
The whole club(minus rear room) is oriented to the show

Saturday Nights - Rear Room
100 min draw – 3 bands max
8:30 arrival/10p start
We do the door from the front and provide a rear room door person to check for stamps.

Salsa Sundays (march-november and 2nd/4th sundays only), we have a dedicated group of bands we work with(who we also love to no end) and rarely add new bands. It does not mean though that you should not chat us up.


When You Write In to Give us band names, links, your contact info and what day you want to look at. Title your subject line with “paid night”. Don’t give us some big bio, just bare boned info. If you are a local, we are happy to book you. You don’t need to sell it. We are a community space and have a great deal of respect and admiration for live music, we will do everything we can to try to book you. Thanks for wanting to play here.