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We love benefits, we really do. We are all part of this wonderful SF community and should give back to it at every opportunity.
Read all the info below and email us at elriosflive@gmail.com with the following info. We will contact you with open blocks. Make sure to read all the information below before you write in. It will save us and you a lot of time. We look forward to working with you!
-What is the benefit for?
-What do you want to do during the event? (DJ/Live -Music/Food/Film/Performance)
Preferred times and days?
-What areas do you want to use? (Front/Patio/Rear Room)
-Realistic number of folks attending?


We save a certain number of days each month for emergencies and/or last moment stuff. The best approach for dates is to say what is the most ideal and then we work from that.  Don’t be afraid of approaching us even though we look booked out. We are a community space and want to help you. And sometimes things cancel.
Saturday and Sunday afternoons are very popular and book far in advance.

Things to consider

Costs We do not charge for the use if the club or for equipment. We charge only if you need a service from us like a sound tech, door person, film tech or cook. The staff rate for Fundraisers is discounted to $15hr for Sound/Film/Door. Our rate doubles to $30hr for each staff person needed if you do not meet the minimum required draw number(see below). Please choose your day well based on your number expected. We suggest you are conservative in your estimation.
Our Cook has a $400 minimum. If you wish to have food specify this on your inquiry and we can discuss options.

If you have a dj, are doing live performances or film, you will need a tech. If you don’t need staff, there is no charge for our space. You can not do your own sound or cook yourself in the club. In some instances, you can take your own donations.

All events are rain or shine. We can adapt our space depending on the weather.

Minimum Draw Expectation What we offer you is based on your expected number of people and the plan for your event. Here are the basic blocks of time and the # requirements-

Mon Night Back Room: 40 person min/any entertainment allowed/formal door/8p arrival/9p start
Tue Night Back Room: 40 person min/any entertainment allowed/formal door/7p arrival/8p start
Wed Night Back Room: 50 person min/any entertainment allowed/formal door/8p arrival/9p start
Thursday Night Back Room: 60 person min/any entertainment allowed/formal door/8p arrival/9p start
Friday Nights are not available to book.
Saturday Day Patio: 300 person min/any entertainment allowed/formal door/2p arrival/3p-8p event
Sat Night Back Room: 100 person min/any entertainment allowed/formal door/8p arrival/9p start
Sunday Day Patio: 300 person min/any entertainment allowed/formal door/2p arrival/3p-8p event
With the exception of some flexibility in the winter months, these blocks of times are locked in.

All of these blocks are meant for more formal events. There are more blocks(and opportunities) for those of you that do not have live music/performance as part of your benefit.
It help us all if you are realistic about your draw. Don’t ask us for a weekend slot when you are not sure you can meet the minimums. In doing so, you are taking away an opportunity from another group.

How You Raise Money Your funds are generated by your door charge, donations at the door or directly to you and sliding scales. You can also do raffles and auctions.
You are welcome to bring in food or have your event catered. You can only cook at the club by using our staff. You can not outright sell food but can do a suggested donation (Health Dept Requirement).
We do not do any arrangements related to bar sales. It is our only income and we want to stay in business. We also do not do beer busts and you can not bring in/sell any beverages (non/alc).

Couple of other Things-
– Everyone involved in your event must be 21+. There are no exceptions. We are a bar.
– The rear room works well for live performances(bands/comedy/performance art) but not for DJ parties only. We don’t book straight up DJ parties in that space.
– Do not book with us if you have never been to the club. We have a very particular space and vibe that is not meant for everyone. Check us out first.

One last option– If you have 20-50 people minimum that will come to an event but don’t have the time or ability to create an event, we have two other options:
Friday Happy Hours– we donate our bar proceeds from 4-6p on Fridays if you can bring at least 20 people.
Sunday Salsa– Winter(late NOV- MARCH), our door proceeds are donated to groups who can bring at least 50 people to one of our Sunday Salsa Parties. 2nd/4th Sundays on the patio, Band and DJ. We deduct $500 for the band with all other door funds to your group.
Sunday  Salsa– Summer(APRIL-NOV), we donate door proceeds from 3-4p for our Sunday Salsa Parties. Your group must be able to bring at least 20 people to receive the proceeds. 2nd/4th Sundays on the patio.
All these slots are specifically meant for local SF groups working with kids, animal rescue, women, lgbtq and schools.
Email elriosflive@gmail.com with info on your group and what your interests are.


By booking with us, you agree to the following:
That you will give a 3 week minimum notice if you need to change or give up your date.
That all participants are over 21 years old.
That you agree and understand the potential costs of your event.
Write us elriosflive@gmail.com and we will hook you up.

In our book of grand acts, benefits are up there… so pat yourself on the back, your mama/papa would be proud. Somebody raised a good egg. Thanks for what you are doing.