We welcome all groups that are familiar with our space and recommend against booking with us if you have never been to the club. We are a dive bar with a diverse clientele and a very particular vibe. Some love us and others think we are freaks, which we are. We are not meant for everyone. If you already know what you are in for, we are happy to chat and set you up. Read the info below and then write in to one of the addresses at the end. Thanks for your business!

We can handle groups of 20-300.
We are a first come, first served space and in turn, do not reserve space or tables for groups but we will happily tell you when to come in and what spaces to grab. If reserving space is important, we suggest you check out our great neighbors at Virgils.
We see ourselves as a community resource and space and will do everything we can to try to help you. We try to not book back to back groups unless they are small.
Food- It’s cool to bring food in for parties but we ask for a deposit of your id and that you bring everything you need for it with you. We will return your id after confirming everything has been cleaned up. We do not allow anyone to use the bbq in the club besides our staff. We compost almost everything related to food so your utensils and plates must be compostable.
Bar Tabs- You are welcome to do a Bar Tab. We need to know the amount(add %25 tip to bar staff) and what you want to cover on the bar. Bar Tabs are only set up in advance (we need at least 2 weeks) and are always at normal bar prices. We will do them during happy hours but only at our normal pricing. Bar Tab minimums Mon- Thur are $300 and Friday/Saturday Nights are $500. We deduct 20% of any Tab monies that are not spent during your event before you are reimbursed.
We accept cash, checks and paypal. For paypal, add %4. They charge us that amount.
Things we don’t allow- Party Busses, Outside drinks(including non alcoholic), kids(even though we have food), Tabs without prearranging it.
Couple of other details: We purposefully keep our prices low to be affordable to all customers and thus do not discount drinks or door for groups.
For GROUPS 40 and below with no special needs besides food, Email us at What we need to know- # of people, day and time(if you have flexibility, let us know), potential food plans.

For GROUPS 40+ and any level of needs, Email us at What we need to know- # of people, day and time(if you have flexibility, let us know), bartab needs and food plans.

Private Parties/Use

Private Parties Whole Club-
Email us for rates and specifics:
Private Parties Rear Room-
Private Use of the rear room is $650. It includes a door person and tech for a 5hr block including setup/cleanup). We allow private use of the rear room only during normal business hours. There is a minimum requirement of 40-100 people for the use of the rear room for private use. The variation is based on the day of the week you are asking for. You can see the blocks of time the room is free here. If you ask for a block that overlaps our normal times free, the rate doubles for the room.
We accept cash, checks and paypal. For paypal, add %4. They charge us that amount.
You can create any type of party you like, do a bar tab, bring in food and decorate.
Use of the rear room should include some variation of bands, dj’s, perfomers or at a minimum some recorded music.
Somethings you can not do:
Privately rent the front bar or patio solely.
Bring in your own alcohol or drinks.
Email with your date/s, needs and contact info.